Buterfly Viscaria + Tenergy 05

One of the most popular combinations in the table tennis elite in recent years is Butterfly's Viscaria blade with Tenergy 05 rubbers. An offensive bat with high speed and wonderful feeling.

Butterfly Viscaria is the blade used by top players such as Zhang Jike, Liam Pitchford and Anton Källberg. It is a fast blade with Butterfly's ALC fibers that gives the blade stability with a large sweet spot.

Tenergy is the world's best-selling rubber and is used by virtually the entire world elite. 05 version is the rubber in the Tenergy series with the best spin, which gives the highest ball path.

This bat is great for players who like to play offensively and play with a lot of topspin.

269,00 €

269,00 €

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    269,00 €

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